DSC_0011aMuch of SARA’s development as an artist came about through her daily practice of recording dream memories each morning, in her elegant cursive, alongside sketches of dream images.

Some of the ideas from her extensive dream journals found their way into drawings and small paintings; some she developed into fabric and clay sculptures and larger oil paintings.

Dreams and the ancient practice of dream-telling were important to Sara, and she was interested in her children’s dreams and others’ as well. “The visual language of myth and dream, the symbolic content and dramatic episodes all find their way into my painting,” Sara said.

While many of her paintings were preceded by sketches, “I usually begin a composition by brushing in a few colors. Sometimes I add layers of color for days or weeks before a form, a figure or pattern emerges. The sudden emergence of a form or figure is very exciting to me and unpredictable.”

SARA Opening Night Prichard-24